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Instead of posing in a sunny place like Miami, you came here, at windy Baltic to be a stylist for a shoot. Where that idea come from?
We did the projects like this last year, saying I’m a stylist is a bit of a stretch I just lend my clothes and help a little to organise the photo shoot.

Do you like it?
Of course I do, otherwise I wouldn’t do this (laughs).

More than posing?

No, I prefer posing but styling is just a little hobby.

Maybe do you plan to be a stylist in the fututre after the career as a model?
We will see, but I doubt this is what I want to do in the future.

Wikipedia says you appeared on Vogue cover, it should be corrected…

(laughs) Unfortunately, Wikipedia says a lot of untrue information, e.g. that I live in NY…

Perhaps this info (about Vogue cover) doesn’t have to be corrected, maybe you will score it in the nearest future. What are your plans?
Let’s hope so. In two days I’m going to NY to do some quite nice shoots. (We already know she shot the Dolce & Gabbana campaign then)

You often come to Poland not only for school, but also to do projects for your mother agency. Is there something special about Gaga agency?

The agency is almost like a family to me. I’m with them since I was 13, they taught and explained me everything abot the job. They are my good friends and we have alot of fun together.

What the agency should do to make a young girl, who starts her model career, feel safe?

Girls start to work at very young age so it’s important to be in touch with the parents and inform them about anything that happens. It’s important, because when you start you know nothing about the industry and the modeling differs a lot from the “normal” world.

As an already experienced model, what is your advice for young girls who want to start modeling career?

You have to be characteristic, because of the huge competition. You have to be born to be a model, you have to be tall and have right face features. You also need to be yourself and won’t let anybody to change you. Nowadays there’s the tendency to unify the models, but as I said it’s importnat to be true to yourself.

What can you learn/work on to be a better model?
You have to learn everything. Posing might be natural for some people, but unfortunately most have to get used to it, as well as walking on the catwalk – it moght seem easy, because we walk since we re 1 year old, but walking on runway takes time to learn and make it look natural.

Is perfection possible to achieve?

I think it’s not, but it’s worthile trying to achieve perfection.